It’s never too late to learn how to cook and eat healthy. No matter how dumb or clueless you feel in the kitchen, you can do this. I believe it’s necessary for you to know my background to really believe me.

At two years old, my feet hung from any chair I sat on with no promise of reaching the floor any time soon. The favorite spot of mine to dangle was on a stool next to my grandma (aka Nini) in the kitchen. We were partners in crime, baking bad asses. She’d do all the work and I’d add the sprinkles. Most of the time, the batter wouldn’t even make it into the oven. However, when it did, the fruits of “our” labor were scrumptious. If I got my love of baking and cooking from anyone, it was her.


Unfortunately for the rest of my family, when I was an angsty tween, my food was an experience; when I say experience, I don’t mean life changing in the sense that they couldn’t live without my food. Oh, they could do without. It’s probably not in my best interest to tell you this, but I sucked. Too much salt, overcooked, not enough sugar, maybe a little more spice were phrases repeated again and again. A misconception is that if you aren’t naturally good at something, what’s the point in trying? Why work hard to get better at something….

I’m not a natural born chef, but I do have an innate drive and want to learn; most call this curiosity.  All the times my mom told me what to change, or my friends explained how I could improve a dish, got me to where I am now. At twenty years old, I can confidently say I’ve had 18 years of adding sprinkles, but also cooking and baking so much more. Although it is not my career, cooking is my passion.

I’m an omnivore, both odd and honest. I want you to get the most out of your cooking, eating, and reading experience. One thing I’m very unwilling to give in about for anyone’s comfort though is the environmental impact of the food and agricultural industry in the United States and around the world. To ensure you’re not only a badass, health conscious chef, but also a green eater, I write about issues in food and the world as well. There are little adjustments every single person can make to help with minimal effort.

I do this because I care; it’s the reason I am majoring in Environmental Science and Policy at University of Maryland!